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Select the styles and fabrics you like the best, we provide excellent tailored products for groom, groomsmen and respective fathers to look great on the wedding day.

Typically, a wedding order consists of 3 or more suits and shirts for a wedding party, the groom may wish to order his suit in one style with the groomsmen and the rest of the party wearing a different style. Contact us for the special offers for our wedding suit package!

Tips for order online: style and color

A business suit is appropriate for weddings during the day, or less formal evening events. A tuxedo suit is suitable for more formal evening weddings or events. The difference between a business suit and a tuxedo is that the tuxedo has certain embellishments such as satin covered lapels, pocket flap and buttons.

For a formal wedding, a dark tuxedo with bow-tie and vest is still the most customary option.
Nowadays grooms tend to wear lighter wedding suits with less traditional colors. Blue, grey and khakis are ideal for all seasons. White and cream wedding suits are most suitable for summer weddings, or a wedding at an island resort.

The groom's body shape

As a general rule, single-breasted jackets with no pleated trousers are best for shorter and broad grooms, a lower-buttoning jacket will elongate your silhouette. Tall and thin grooms are lucky enough to wear either single breasted jacket of two to five buttons or classical double breasted jacket with pleated or no pleated trousers.

If there are wedding suits you would like to replicate, you may send us the photos or images, our tailor will make them for you (extra fee may apply based on the extra work to put).
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