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We understand the need for the quality of bespoke garments. We pay attention to every detail from the fabric, to the style, trimmings and craftsmanship.

Custom made shirt

We make our shirts to the highest quality. Our custom shirts are made from the finest fabrics and feature the following hallmarks:

  1. Highest standard of 20 stitches per inch
  2. Single-needle stitching technology is used
  3. Split yoke to replicate the nature of shoulders
  4. Fabric patterns are matched on joining edges
  5. Horizontal bottom buttonhole
  6. Natural mother-of-pearl buttons
  7. German KUFNER interlinings
  8. Personal monogramming options

All our custom shirts are sewn to the highest standard of 20 stitches to the inch to achieve super fine, super strong seams.

All the stitching throughout the garment is single-needle stitching, this technique is more time-consuming, but creates stronger seams with greater pucker-resistance.

The split yoke is an important detail in our custom shirts, two piece fabrics come together at an angle to replicate the sloping nature of men's shoulders and helps to create a perfectly smooth line across the shoulders.

The fabric patterns in our shirts are designed to match all lines exactly at each point where different parts of the shirt meet. This is a unique and very special feature for a custom tailored shirt.

Color selection of buttonhole thread gives customers an option to make their shirts look unique and often somewhat special.


We make the bottom buttonhole of all our shirts horizontal, this unique feature of our custom shirts allows for movement across the hips.

If the "rounded-bottom" option is chosen, our shirts are made with a small gusset in between the tails to add strength at the side.

We use the highest quality mother-of-pearl buttons on our shirts. One can easily tell mother-of-pearl buttons by their lovely iridescent color and their translucent elegance. They are rarely seen on "off-the-rack" shirts. All our shirt buttons are sewn by hand.

We made the removable collar stays a standard for all custom shirts. This option allows you to remove the stays before washing, and to exchange the stays if you prefer. An extra pair of collar stays are provided with each shirt.

All collars on our shirts are hand-made to ensure a perfect shape.

As a nice feature for custom tailored shirts, complimentary monogramming service is available without extra charges in a range of style, colors and monogramming location options.


Customer selected collar and cuffs can be made in contrast fabric with white or black colors with no extra charges.


Add hand stitching to the collar and cuffs. Standard fabric-matching stitch thread will be used; customers can also choose their favoured stitch colors.


Contrasting fabrics can be selected for the inside of both collar and cuffs, customers can choose any fabric from our current fabric collections.


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Custom made suit

Our suit styles are developed based on the great traditions of England's Savile Row. You will find our precision craftsmanship in all the details. Each suit is cut individually based on the 28 entries of the men's body measurement and body characteristics form. Other features include:

  1. Padded felt canvas under collar
  2. Cotton shoulder padding and canvas lapel
  3. Italian canvas and soft German interlinings
  4. Hand set and sewn armholes
  5. Genuine buffalo horn buttons and hand sewn
  6. Options for inside pockets in quantity and styles
  7. Personal monogramming options

The main difference between custom tailored suits to off-the-rack suits is the construction of the suit skeleton that is the layer between the lining and fabric. In our custom suits, the skeleton is constructed using Italy canvas horse hair interlining for a beautiful drape. 

In most off-the-rack suits, a synthetic material is glued onto the inside face of jacket fabric. This synthetic material is not natural or breathable. The suit may start puckering as the glue loses its adhesiveness after a period of dry cleaning.

Our custom suits are fully tailored to the individual measurements, body characteristics and favoured styles of each customer. We pay attention to details, from the color and texture of the fabric to cut of the paper pattern, to the trimmings and the workmanship.

Each men's suit is cut individually based on 28 entries of customer's measurements and body characteristics provided to us. After the suit order is confirmed, a paper draft is drawn (paper pattern), then it is cut and re-measured and chalked on the fabric, and then the fabric is cut. Each customer's measurements and paper patterns will be kept in our system to make future orders much easier.

The shoulders of your suit are important. The shoulder style frames your head and defines the mood for the entire garment. We provide 3 shoulder styles for customers to choose as below:

Standard shoulder: we use classic English cut with moderately structured shoulder. The thickness of shoulder pads depends on customer's shoulder and body shape. Slightly thicker pads are used for slope shoulders to make the suit look leveled.

Natural shoulder: no or minimal padding is used to make the suit fit to your natural shoulder shape without looking unnecessary bulk on your face. Natural shoulder will also make you look taller, and slimmer.

Snubby shoulder: represents a classic version of old-fashioned Italian cut. The square, high shoulder and aggressive shoulder line create an artificial stylish and formality.

Standard shoulder                          Natural shoulder                          Snubby shoulder

Standard shoulder                          Natural shoulder                          Snubby shoulder

The fabric patterns are matched in most visible locations, such as the breast pocket, collar and back.


Padded Italian canvas lapels lay flat against to your chest.

Hand stitching is a plus for bespoke suits. It is also the hallmark of quality in the work of a tailor or designer. We offer 3 options for outer pick stitch as below:

Option 1: Pick stitch on sleeve and shoulder seam;
Option 2: Pick stitch on front, pocket opening and flap edges;
Option 3: Pick stitch on all seam and edges;

Option 1                              Option 2                              Option 3

There are 2 pick stitch margins, 1.5mm or 6.0mm, are available depending on customer's personal preference. Our standard stitch margin is 1.5mm. Customers have the options to decide their stitch colors: match fabric color or match fabric stripe color.

A true hallmark of a custom tailored suit is the size of its armholes. Off-the-rack suits are made for masses; therefore the armholes are cut for men with large arms in order to be on the safe side. Customers would notice if the armholes are too small, but would hardly notice when they are too big. However, if the armholes are too big, you can see the waist button rises vastly when you lift up your arms, your collar leaves the back of your neck, and the upper body is no longer consistently shaped by the jackets cut.

In our custom tailored suit, the armholes are cut uniquely for you, they can be as small as you need. So you can dance and wave your arms around and the suit is still looking good on you. All our custom's armholes are hand set and sewn.


"Working buttons" is the term for cuff buttons that can unbutton allowing one to roll up the jacket sleeves. It may not be necessary for every man nowadays. However, as of-the-rack suits rarely have working buttons, it truly it shows onlookers that the suit is indeed custom made.

Once working sleeve buttons are made, the sleeve lengths will be fixed and can not easily be altered.


Genuine horn buttons are traditionally used on all our custom tailored suits. They are made exclusively from real buffalo horn and sewn on by hand to ensure a perfect placement. You will feel the difference from the first moment you touch them. They are strong and substantial, rich in color and texture.

A custom vest can be ordered alone or as part of a 3-piece suit. Our vests can be made in 8 styles to your preference plus 4 pocket styles, 4 back styles and 8 bottom and button styles.


Complimentary monogramming option is available with in a range of styles and colors.


Our custom trousers are tailored for a combination of style, comfort and durability. The features include:

  1. Genuine hand sewn horn buttons
  2. Options for quality trims including ultra-fine nickel zippers
  3. Special rubber strip on waist band to keep shirts tucked in
  4. Extra fabric around the crotch area for comfort and durability

Our custom tailored trousers can be made in 3 styles (no pleat, single pleat, and double pleats) to your preference plus dozens of front and back pocket styles and bottom styles. Three overall garment fits (fitted, regular and loose) are available for customers to choose from.

Pleats are a gathering of the fabric, placed in the front of the trousers to provide more room for the wearer. Currently, trousers with no pleat are in style.


Fish mouth is our standard bottom fly style, it comes with the options of ultra-fine nickel zip, nylon zip, and buttons.


String pleat inner waistband is designed to show the quality of our custom trousers. Customer can choose to have the pants waistband made with snugtex, a shirt stay strap to keep shirts smartly tucked in.

As a standard, the lining of trousers is tailored to line the front of the trousers to the knee, the lining fabric goes up the front of the waistband to ensure the fabric drapes properly. Extra fabric is placed around the crotch area for comfort and durability;

All our custom trousers are designed to have a watch pocket (fob) nearly invisibly placed along the waistband on the right side.

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